This pin was originally released in 2016 for trading in the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris resorts. It was originally available as part of the July 2016 park pack.

The listing on the Disney Store reads: 'Black sorcery will be your cup of tea when adding the marvelous Mad Madam Mim to your Disney pin collection. Fall under the spell of Merlin's bewitching arch adversary from Walt Disney's The Sword in the Stone.'

Design Edit

This pin features the character Mad Madam Mim from the movie The Sword in the Stone. She appears to be dancing and holding a broom. The pin has hard enamel filling and a silver effect outline. It is H2'' approx. On the back it reads '2016, ©DISNEY MADE IN CHINA. FAC-000122-16150'

Original Cost Edit

This pin cost $8.99 on the US Disney Store. It was also previously documented to have cost $7.95.

Mad Madam Mim 2016-0