This pin was released in 2015 for trading in the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris resorts. It is classed as being part of the Mickey Icon Pinbacks and Broken Hearts Collections. It was originally released as part of the November 2015 park pack.

The listing on the Disney Store reads: 'Two halves make a whole with this sweetheart pin set featuring our timeless twosome, Mickey and Minnie. It's a lasting keepsake for lovers of classic Disney cartoons that will bring a smile of remembrance for years to come.'

Design Edit

This is a 2 pin set which has links which can make it appear as 1 or 2 pins. The art features Mickey and Minnie mouse in a classic design, one on either side of the heart. It has a hard enamel filling with a blue background with hearts on, and a gold effect outline. Both backs have the Disney Parks Authentic Official Pin Trading Seal for 2015, and have the serial number: FAC-000122-15280

Original Cost Edit

This pin is priced at $12.99 on the US Disney Store, but has been known to cost $11.95.