This is a collectable pin series released for Disney in 2016. There was only 1 series ever released, which contained 16 pins in total. Each pin pack contained a random selection of 5 pins. Each pin had a gold effect trim finish and were filled with hard enamel.

The listing on the Disney Store read: 'Best of the nest - A world of favorite Disney friends nest together in this collection of Disney Pins styled after traditional European nesting dolls. Each blind pack contains five randomly selected pins from a possibility of 16 different designs.'

This Series Edit

Series 1/1 contained 16 pins, listed below:

Full Set Nesting Dolls 2014

- Snow White Nesting Doll 1/16

- Cinderella Nesting Doll 2/16

- Aurora Nesting Doll 3/16

- Flora Nesting Doll 4/16

- Fauna Nesting Doll 5/16

- Merryweather Nesting Doll 6/16

- Alice Nesting Doll 7/16

- Tinkerbell Nesting Doll 8/16

- Mary Poppins Nesting Doll 9/16

- Ariel Nesting Doll 10/16

- Belle Nesting Doll 11/16

- Rapunzel Nesting Doll 12/16

- Tiana Nesting Doll 13/16

- Merida Nesting Doll 14/16

- Anna Nesting Doll 15/16

- Elsa Nesting Doll 16/16

Price Edit

Each pack were priced at $27.99 on the US Disney Store, so a full set price would be based off $89.57.