This pin set was originally released in 2016 and featured 3 badges with characters from the movie.

The listing on the Disney Store states: 'Add this colourful Zootropolis bunch to your collection. Starring Judy Hopps, Mr Big, and Nick and Finnick, each pin features a raised design on a character specific background.'

Featured pins are:

- Judy Hopps Police Badge 1/3

- Mr Big 2/3

- Nick and Finnick 3/3

Design Edit

All badges feature a background with featured characters in a raised position over the top. All have a hard enamel filling with gold effect edges. All badges measure H4 by W4.5 approx, with the whole box set measuring H10 x W20 x D3.5cm approx. The badges came in a collectors display box with a flip-top lid and a magnetic closure.

Original Cost Edit

The original price on the Disney Store was £50, being later reduced to £35.